Where is the Goodman Furnace Model Number?

Like all HVAC units, a furnace can be of different models that determine its type and features. For example- if you are getting a part of your furnace replaced, your heating contractor in Columbus would need to know the model number to find the compatible spare part.

Most residential heating and cooling systems consist of three main components: the condensing unit (outside unit), the furnace, and the evaporator coil (both are indoor and generally mounted together). Now, each of these components has its unique model number due to its function and compatibility.

Before you contact a heating service in Columbus, let’s learn more about the model number of a furnace.

Decoding the Furnace Model Number

We can break down a furnace model number into several parts. Let’s take an example of a furnace model number G14Q3/4-100-2.


Series number: Here, “G14” depicts the series number where G stands for gas (Natural or LP).

Unit Capacity: Here, “Q3/4” indicates the drive or air capacity of the furnace, where the 3/4 means a 3 to 4-ton drive. For reference, there are 400 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) airflow per ton of cooling. In this example, the capability of the air movement of this furnace is 1200 to 1600 CFM. Therefore, you can match this particular model with a 3 to 4-ton condensing unit.

BTU Rating: Moving further to the next part, which says “100”, is the BTU rating. The British Thermal Unit rating of the furnace is expressed in thousands, which means that this furnace has a BTU input of 100,000 BTUs. However, the actual output of a furnace usually depends on its energy efficiency. If we assume the efficiency of this particular furnace to be 90%, then its BTU output would be .90 x 100,000 or 90,000 BTUs.

If you have any trouble understanding or calculating your furnace’s overall efficiency and BTUs, do not hesitate to call your heating contractor in Columbus.

Revision Number: Commonly known as the Dash number, ”-2” indicates a slight revision has been made to the model series, not requiring any series change. The dash number plays a crucial role in getting the correct replacement part as a -2 unit may have a different circuit board than a -10 would.

Where is the Goodman Furnace Model Number?

The model number of a Goodman furnace is usually mentioned on its data tag, situated outside or inside the door. If you don’t find any outside, open the door on the upper compartment of the furnace to access the data tag.

A Goodman furnace model number typically starts with “GM.” Also, it includes a series of letters and numbers, as discussed above. If you find any difficulty accessing the furnace, refer to the documentation provided with the furnace.

Model numbers might vary over the years, but their general breakdown remains the same. If you have any issues finding your model number or determining what it means, talk to one of our technicians. We provide professional heating services in Columbus.

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