What Happens If The AC Runs Without A Filter?

Filters are one of the essential components of the central air conditioning unit. They are responsible for straining the dirt, dust, and pollutants and blowing quality air into the residence. It is like a barrier that protects the unit from debris. Homeowners must regularly visually inspect the filters and call out to HVAC contractors in Columbus to get them replaced.

It is hard to envision the functioning of the air conditioner without filters. It not only purifies the air, safeguarding your health but is also critical for the performance of the air conditioner system. The absence of a filter can suspend the dust particles inside the house as you will remove the chance of them settling. Some of the negative impacts of running the unit without filters;

  • Dirty Indoors

When air conditioners are run without filters, the air is not purified. Dirty air is recirculated inside the system and the contaminants are transferred inside the residence. Your curtains and carpets will accumulate dirt and will increase the cleaning hours.
It can have a serious health impact on pets and children. It is not advised to run the unit without the filter.

  • It Disturbs the Quality of Air

The filter defines the quality of air inside the residence. When you run the air conditioner without the filter, the in-house quality will degrade. Your ac will suck the dirty air and circulate the same air into your home.
Running an air conditioner without a filter is just a futile exercise. Breathing in dirty air can be dangerous. If you suffer from any allergies, it can increase the problem. It is always advised to get air conditioning installed in Columbus to get the filter installed in the unit.

  • Spike In Energy Bills

One of the negative impacts is the rise in energy bills. When the unit is unable to cool the air faster because it is dirty, the unit will consume more energy and it will take long hours to cool the house.
Homeowners will end up spending more money on their power bills.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil

With no filters in use, dirt and dust accumulate on the indoor ac unit. It settles on the part of the unit’s evaporator coil. It is responsible for absorbing the heat from the unit. With dust on its surface, it fails to perform its function and can even cause the coils to freeze.

The compressor is the core of the unit. It produces a lot of heat while working. With a frozen evaporator coil, it can overheat the entire system. When the refrigerant is not unable to cool the compressor, excessive heat can result in the compressor failing.
Compressors are highly expensive. The unit can’t function without a compressor and will require a replacement that can cost almost $3000-$4000.

  • Mold Growth

Ducts are highly susceptible to the growth of mold. If you use the air conditioner without a filter, it can encourage the growth of mold inside the vents. Ducts will absorb the moisture and create a humid and warm environment for mold.
Without filters, residents are exposed to airborne toxins and can cause health issues like nausea, stuffiness, throat infections, and breathing problems.

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