Risks of Running Your AC Without Filter

Air filters are an important part of the operation of your air conditioner. They catch and prevent dirt, dust, pollen, and other pollutants from entering your system. Although your air conditioning system will work without a filter, experts recommend it since it can seriously harm your AC system and pay for costly repairs. If your AC is run for more than 6 to 8 hours without a filter, your AC system might seriously damage, and the air quality in your home dramatically decreases.

Your air conditioner is vulnerable to serious and costly problems without a filter and might require Columbus HVAC contractors to help you. Some of the issues that you might face are –

1. Problems with Motor and Compressor

The main culprits for compressor and motor problems are issues with the motor or compressor dirt and other particles. They can enter the engine and compressor and stress the system’s operation without properly filtering impurities.

2. Condensation Drain Problems

The condensation drain does not drain humidity from your AC unit without a filter. This causes the freon tube to build up moisture. The moisture drips down and causes water damage to the entire system.

3. Air Quality Problems

The most prevalent concern with AC running without filters is a decreased air quality. In a room with an AC running without a filer, the dust does not settle down. Eventually, this will cause the unit to be blocked.

4. Freon Tube Problems

An air conditioner can draw air out of your room and blast via Freon-filled copper tubes. Dirt gets attached to condensation and covers the blades as unfiltered air sweeps through these wet tubes. This leads to inefficient operation of the system.

5. Problems in Ductwork

Dirt escapes from the Freon tubes and is caught in uneven aluminum tubes to the pipeline. This enables mold growth inside your duct. Dampness builds up. You and your family will have health concerns.

6. Higher Energy Bills

Since your motor or compressor problems could be the result of a missing air filter, your whole system will need to work harder to cool off. This can lead to greater energy costs because the system needs more functioning power.

7. Water Damage

Your condensate drain can be obstructed without an air filter to remove particles. This drain serves to eliminate the surplus moisture your air conditioner removes from your home, and it can back up your system and create water damage without any place for it to drain.

8. Frozen Evaporator Coils

The pot dust gets sucked into your AC indoor unit and accumulates on the section of the system called the evaporator belt when you operate your AC system without a filter. If the evaporator spindles are polluted, they cannot absorb the amount of heat needed from your home to freeze the spindles.

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