4 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair Services

Heat pumps are versatile equipment for your heating and cooling needs. It consumes much less energy than a typical furnace, and maintaining them is easier and cheaper.

However, being a machine, they face issues and might need servicing from time to time. We have brought together four common signs indicating something is wrong with your HVAC, and you may need a furnace repair in Columbus.

1. Loud Noises

A characteristic mechanical noise might be common for heat pump owners. Latest heat pumps may remove such mild disturbances altogether. However, if you notice any sound you didn’t hear before and the source is unknown, you must not ignore such indicators.

When an unfamiliar noise is heard every time you switch your heat pump on, it is more often than not a sign that there’s something wrong with your heat pump, and it requires professional attention.

2. Higher Energy Bills

Heat pumps are reputed for being highly efficient in the HVAC segment. The absence of a combustion chamber makes the whole heating or cooling process much more seamless and efficient. If you notice an exponential rise in your household’s energy bills and do not know any specific reason for it, it might be a sign that something is wrong with your heat pump.

It might be a dirty air filter that reduces the airflow responsible for moderating temperatures inside the machine. It can be serious, such as a vital component failure or ductwork issues. Schedule a professional heat pump repair Columbus to get your furnace fixed in no time.

3. Short Cycling

Short cycling is a common sign of any damage to your heat pump. Your heat pump cools or heats your house in cycles of specific durations. You may witness 2-3 cycles of about 15 mins in an hour under normal conditions.

However, these numbers vary drastically, and your furnace keeps having these short interval cycles, do not ignore such issues as they indicate something critical. Short cycling raises your energy bills and puts much pressure on your heat pump, making it susceptible to other problems.

4. Reduced Cooling or Heating

When you face reduced heating or cooling in your rooms, your first instinct may be to adjust your heat pump settings. Doing so might be a temporary fix to a grave issue that may only worsen over time. Reduced performance often masks serious problems as the owners have no way of knowing about the gravity of the situation.

Do not ignore such issues for long and immediately call for a furnace repair expert.

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