2-10 Home Buyers Warranty 

How we operate:

Southern Comfort HVAC will receive a dispatch from 2-10 HBW stating your home is in need of HVAC service. Our scheduler will contact you to schedule an appointment within 24 business hours. The day of your service, our technician will contact you when he/she is in route. Our technician will diagnose issues and make repairs if he/she is able. If additional parts/ equipment are/is needed, our office will submit authorization to 2-10 HBW. Once authorization is completed and processed by 2-10 HBW, our office will contact you to let you know if there are any out-of-pocket costs. If there are out-of-pocket costs 2-10 HBW requires you (homeowner) to call them to accept those charges. Once those charges have been accepted 2-10 HBW will release the parts/equipment. ** Please note shipping times may be longer than the average 3-5 business days. **  All out of pocket cost are due IN FULL to SOUTHERN COMFORT HVAC prior to job being scheduled. ** Please note during our busy season, we may be booked 2 - 3 weeks out. We do work weekends during the busy season. **   Once the equipment has been ordered and arrived to its destination, our team will ensure that they are the correct part and are in good condition after shipping. Once we have the part/ equipment in hand, our office will contact you to schedule the job. The day of your repair/ replacement, our technician will contact you when he is en route. Once he arrives, he will get to work on the repair/ replacement. Once installation is completed our technician will ensure your system is operating properly.

 *** Due to Covid-19 we are experiencing many delays in our industry. Our normal procedures are not as accurate as stated below. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you or your family. We are working very hard to make sure everyone is taken care of as soon as possible. ***